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Who is DISTORTED kid and what’s it all about? You should know that all Dk music is produced from scratch melodically and rhythmically speaking.  I’m an original solo recording artist / music producer with a unique sound and style all unto its own.  Although none of my music is produced with loops, I do see the creative potential conceptually.  Read more here.

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My creative workflow has been to get the click track going then play some cool riffs on the music keyboard to a bass sound I’ve chosen within a virtual synth instrument.  I then layer on maybe one or two lil’ synth parts to make things more interesting and harmonic.  This is all done with my own melodic and rhythmic abilities on the music keyboard to different virtual instruments.

From there I pick up my 7 string electric guitar and wank away through some virtual distorted amps.  Then I get into tapping things out on the finger drum pads to get things rockin’.  I tend to do additive drum parts by playing them out and if I need to take a hat hit, snare or bass drum out I mouse click it out after the fact making it subtractive editing.  

After laying down vocal tracks I spend time song sculpting.  There really is A LOT of fun to be had at this stage of the game and I tend to be very profound with it. I might turn a song that used to have an instrumental intro, into one that now starts with the vocal hook, having the other parts come in after, in a certain arranged sequence.  Or maybe I cut down a song length by removing a part or whatever..

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